Using a camera trick, the secrets of the Metroid Dread developer are revealed

Using a camera trick, the secrets of the Metroid Dread developer are revealed

As part of the Metroid series, Metroid Dread was released in October, which we think was both fun and challenging. This 2D, or rather 2.5D, game is specifically designed for the Nintendo Switch, taking full advantage of the perspective and hardware environment. And the video below reveals more layers, or what a wonderful world is behind 2.5D.

There is a YouTube series called Boundary Break run by YouTuber Shesez, which recently brought Metroid Dread under scrutiny. Another YouTuber, Postposterous, has created a program that allows you to rotate the camera in Dread and even stop time in the game to get a closer look at the secrets literally hidden behind the scenes. Thanks to this, the video below shows that the intimidating EMMIs, that is, opponents who are extremely difficult to get around and almost never overcome, are in fact teleported. But with the help of this camera-moving device, we can look under the dress or helmet of protagonist Samus Aran, to be sure: Yes, Samus is still wearing distinctive armor. Then we can see how some of the biggest opponents are dealt with through the game, for example, one of the monsters practically pulls himself behind the scenes, not just loading. You can watch the full recording full of exciting secrets below.

Metroid Dread was released on the Nintendo Switch on October 8, 2021. The game has a good chance of being named Game of the Year because it received nominations, not even one at The Game Awards.

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