US soldiers have reported hundreds of UFO sightings in 2022

The US UFO Office was established half a year ago, and many people applied to the office.

In the past six months, hundreds of UFO reports have been received by the US UFO Office, which was set up in July, according to reports. live science. Sean Kirkpatrickthe director of AARO (All Anomaly Office Resolve Office) is to the ap He said the accounts came from military personnel. Among the sights, there are older ones as well as very recent ones.

The UFO question has recently become popular again in the United States. The Pentagon was required to release a comprehensive report in 2020. Based on the report published last year, between 2004 and 2021, 144 observations were made in the military. Even the director of NASA spoke about it, Bill Nelson It is not excluded that the events are related to strangers.

The United States government officially calls the unidentified flying saucer atmospheric phenomena (uap).

Based on reports received by AARO, military personnel have observed the mysterious objects in the air, water, and space.

According to Kirkpatrick, none of the novels refer to aliens.

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AARO is tasked with investigating UFO reports from various branches of the military. Perhaps the many reports from the past six months can be attributed to the fact that AARO is conducting an information campaign and trying to dispel the stigma attached to the notes.

Explanations have already been found for many of the new reports. Observation drones from China, Russia, and other countries have been behind many of the sightings, but other objects, including weather balloons, have also been mistaken for UFOs.

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