US Secretary of State: We urge the Hungarian government to ensure an open media environment

In a narrow discussion, the US Secretary of State shared his views on Hungary-Telex mentioned Who was the same at the event

It also has Hungarian roots Anthony Blink He said that the United States and the Biden Harris government are committed to strengthening their relationship with NATO ally Hungary, but they will also place great emphasis on supporting the strengthening of Hungarian democratic institutions, human rights and the rule of law. They want to cooperate with the Hungarian government in a number of ways, but according to him

The fabric of democracy is provided by a variety of independent voices and independent opinions. We strongly urge the Hungarian government to ensure an open media environment.

He added, “We clarify our concerns and principles when it comes to human rights, the state of democratic institutions and freedom of the press.”

From now on, he even spoke about the geopolitical ambitions of China and Russia.

Europe is undoubtedly at the heart of the geopolitical competition as Moscow and Beijing actively work against integration, contrary to the desires of people who want to ally with whomever they want. They seek to undermine the democratic and sovereign will of many central and southern European countries in various ways.

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