US Presidential Election: When was the outcome expected? Slime wrestling begins

Close to a tie, the counting of votes has stalled in the US presidential election, as preparations must be made for a process that extends into the night, which could take days.

Vibrations and papers

Based on the current position – shortly after 10 a.m. EST – Democratic candidate Joe Biden garnered 220 votes, and Republican President Donald Trump garnered 213 electoral votes. Winning requires 270 votes, with the remaining undecided countries getting plenty of votes, meaning any candidate can win.

The lengthy count of votes was expected from the point of view that due to the epidemiological situation, too many people had voted in advance or by letter, and cast more than 100 million votes by mail. Counting those in suspended states only began after the votes cast on Election Day, and there are also areas where the shift was closed for that day due to the late hour and then – on Thursday – Hungarian time.

The choice will certainly be decided in the north and east. There are five states providing a large number of electricity, all led by Trump, and in all Democrats hoping for translation after rhetorical voices are processed.

With the high treatment, Trump is expected to withdraw from Georgia and North Carolina, both of which alone account for 31 electoral votes. If Trump later wins two so-called “Blue Wall” states, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, he will be president. The biggest chance for that is in Pennsylvania, which provides 20 electricity, where the Republican president is leading with 700,000 votes, but nearly a million and a half votes have yet to be counted.

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Trump shouted fraud

As expected, Trump doubted Regularity of elections And they announced that they would go to the Supreme Court to stop counting more votes, which Trump said was rigging while she had already won the election.

It is unclear what the Republicans are aiming for, as Trump has every chance of winning even if the remaining votes are taken into account. This is indeed a surprise, as measurements predicted a comfortable win for Biden, with the Democratic nominee receiving nearly 10 points in the polls. Trump said he should be declared the winner in the states he leads.

Biden would scold his followers with patience as long as all votes were counted. He also said that they are on the right path to victory.

The patience game

After the quick preliminary processing, he slowed so much, that there will be no results on Wednesday in the major states, so there will be no final decision on who will win the presidential election. Data trickles down, and Joe Biden takes the lead in Wisconsin, where the final result can still be expected on Wednesday, according to Hungarian time. Meanwhile, Trump advanced in Nevada, although most had already booked him for Biden’s victory. In Nevada, on the other hand, there will be no results today, after which they will start processing votes through the mail.

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