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US Presidential Election: Biden Leaked Thinking of Stepping Down

US Presidential Election: Biden Leaked Thinking of Stepping Down

The president’s conversation is the first sign that he is seriously considering whether he can recover from his dismal performance in the Atlanta debate. Andrew Bates, A A White House spokesman said the report was “completely false” and that the White House did not have time to respond.

The president is still actively campaigning for reelection, but he knows his appearances over the next few days should go well, especially an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos scheduled for Friday, as well as campaign events in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, an ally of the president told the newspaper, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The talk is the first indication, according to the American newspaper, of that. The president is seriously considering whether he can recover from his disappointing debate performance on Thursday in Atlanta. There are growing concerns about his suitability as a candidate and whether or not he will run. Can he remain president for another four years?

Other allies of the president, according to the newspaper, said they believe Biden will continue to hold out, and that he wants to maintain control over his nomination, even though headwinds in the Democratic Party are growing stronger.

The president is well aware of the political challenge he faces.

“Biden also told the newspaper that he knows he has an uphill battle ahead of him to convince voters, donors and the political class that his debate performance was exceptional,” a senior Biden adviser told the newspaper on condition of anonymity.

Biden's chances are getting worse

The New York Times article also notes that the president's campaign team was eagerly awaiting the results of the latest popularity poll. CBS His research, published Wednesday, shows that:

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Republican challenger and former US President Donald Trump leads Biden nationally by 50-48 since the debate, while he leads by 51-48 in the battleground states.

A CNN poll conducted after the debate on Tuesday showed that Biden's approval rating fell to an all-time low. Current Vice President Kamala Harris would be a better matchup against Trump.

They don't have a good opinion of Biden in the party.

The New York Times also reported based on its information that after the debate, Biden was slow to reach out to key Democratic players, which only served to fuel politicians’ anger and resentment. He only called New York Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, the House Democratic leader, on Tuesday evening, five days after the debate, and spoke to New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, the Senate Democratic leader, for the first time on Wednesday morning.

Some Democratic politicians have become increasingly skeptical of that. The president's team has not been entirely honest about the impact of aging on Biden.

He had not spoken to former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California until Tuesday, and major donors expressed frustration that he did not join a campaign call Monday aimed at reassuring them.

On Wednesday, Democratic leaders in the House and Senate met, and this was the forum where the torrent of complaints from supporters was heard. Biden team members, including Steve Ricchetti and Shawnza Goff, tried to calm the growing discontent over the phone. The leadership message was that members should feel free to take a position on Biden’s candidacy in whatever way was right for their district. That is, they were not taking a hard line on the president’s campaign.

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The president was scheduled to have lunch with Vice President Kamala Harris on Wednesday and meet with Democratic governors at the White House in the evening. According to the New York Times, the president has so far focused more on talking to trusted advisers and family members, who have encouraged him to stay in the race.

They are the party's main donors. Members of the House, senators, the Biden campaign and the White House have called in private conversations to say: They think Biden should resign. – The New York Times wrote, referring to Democrats familiar with the discussions.

a CNN Meanwhile, he writes in his report, which is constantly updated minute by minute, that Biden is expected to meet with more than 20 Democratic governors on Wednesday, including some state leaders who have been mentioned as potential replacements if Biden steps down.

According to another CNN article, Biden has already privately acknowledged that the next few days will be crucial to whether he can salvage his reelection campaign and thus his chances.

He sees the moment, and feels its importance.

A source told the channel.

The president does not know what developments may come in the coming weeks, which may ultimately lead to his inability to salvage the disastrous situation caused by the dispute.

“This would be a scenario where he’s down in the polls, his fundraising is flat, and he’s underperforming in interviews,” the person told the TV station, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Is Kamala Harris more likely?

All American and international media outlets are covering Biden's future chances in a leadership position on Wednesday evening, Hungarian time.

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The Financial Times also brings it to the front page. storyHighlighting that Kamala Harris' popularity has gained momentum in various polls in recent days, after Biden's withdrawal from the debate, the Financial Times also reminds us that Harris' activities have been largely characterized by low popularity indicators.

But now the situation has changed: Betting markets moved strongly in Harris's favor on Wednesday, giving him a better chance of winning the November election than Biden.

Harris has kept a relatively low profile since the debate, holding campaign events and fundraisers on the West Coast to support Biden’s reelection bid. Her lunch with the president on Wednesday will be their first face-to-face meeting since the debate.

It is no coincidence that his name is already being floated in the American press as a possible replacement in the event of Biden's resignation:

U.S. President Joe Biden (B) with Vice President Kamala Harris during a midterm election review event at the Howard Theater in Washington on November 10, 2022. Photo: MTI/EPA/Sean Theo

Cover image source: MTI Photo/Ettore Ferrari

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