US Embassy employees in Kabul destroy confidential documents and US flags

On Sunday, the US State Department said the US flag has been withdrawn from the US Embassy in Kabul, whose “nearly all” employees are waiting to be evacuated at the airport.

“We are currently taking a number of measures to secure Kabul Hamid Karzai International Airport to allow the safe departure of US and allied personnel in Afghanistan on civilian and military flights,” the Departments of State and Defense said in a statement.

Ross WilsonA US State Department spokesman said the US ambassador to Afghanistan is also at the airport. Diplomats leaving the US embassy in the Afghan capital had to destroy not only secret documents but also American flags. This was reported by the prestigious US military newspaper, Stars and Stripes, on Sunday. Accordingly, before evacuating the embassy building, the diplomatic staff was instructed to do so

Burn flags and other things that can be used for advertising purposes.

According to the post, employees burned flags as well as “any item of strategic or propaganda value” in the final hours before leaving the building on Sunday. Many diplomats carried American flags with them. According to Stars and Stripes, some embassy employees were not warned in advance of the evacuation, leaving some of their belongings at the mission.

Taliban militants overran the Afghan capital, Kabul, on Sunday night, without a fight, occupying government institutions abandoned by Afghan government forces. Janie’s extravagance The Afghan president fled the country. The Taliban took control of all areas of the capital.

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