US diplomats diagnosed with a disease of unknown origin in Vienna

US diplomats diagnosed with a disease of unknown origin in Vienna

US officials said, on Friday, that unknown diseases were discovered among US diplomats and other government employees accredited in the Austrian capital, and Washington has launched an investigation.

The mysterious health complaints occurred after the inauguration of US President Joe Biden in January and are similar to those observed in about 20 employees of the US Embassy in Havana in 2016 and 2017.

It is suspected that the cases, which caused minor brain damage, were caused by radio or microwave attacks, but the exact cause has not yet been established, although in addition to the US Department of State, the Department of Defense and Foreign Intelligence) the mysterious cases have been thoroughly investigated. . Symptoms of the diseases referred to in Havana syndrome are similar to those of concussion, patients complain of headache and dizziness in most cases. Some required medical treatment for several months.

Vienna is one of the main venues for the behind-the-scenes diplomacy and covert activities of the rival intelligence services. Negotiations between Iran and the United States over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program (MTI) are currently taking place through mediators.

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