Update Google Chrome now

Update Google Chrome now

There has always been a security feature in Google Chrome that scans and notifies you if a user has been hacked by a phishing page. This feature is now developed by the company, writes hvg.

In the version 102 update, the browser relies on machine learning to identify sites that bombard users with permission requests to send them a notification. Permission requests are immediately blocked by the program. In addition, the browser does this without sending any browsing data to Google.

In addition to the security feature, the company has also made convenient changes with the update. For web pages where the user may use the share button or voice control, they will automatically appear in the address bar. Google indicated that with the introduction of this new feature, no personal data will be collected and page usage data will be processed anonymously.

All you have to do to get the update is to open the menu in the right corner of your browser and select “Help” and then “About Google Chrome”. Here’s how to use the latest version. If not, the browser will update itself automatically – you just need to restart the browser.

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