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Up to 180 electric cars can be charged at the UK’s largest charging park
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Up to 180 electric cars can be charged at the UK’s largest charging park

The UK’s largest electric car charging park has opened at the NEC Birmingham Event Centre, where up to 180 e-cars can be charged at the same time.

the “Gigahab” The project referred to as EV Network, as the investor and developer of the charging station, BP Pulse, as the operator of the charging points, and NEC Group, as the landowner, are a joint producer. According to the announcement, investors expect seven million visitors annually “Gigahab”where 16 Alpitronic Hypercharger HYC300 chargers are waiting for electric drivers who want to charge up.

It is true that these HPC chargers have a power of 300 kilowatts, but if two electric cars are connected to a charging station, the available power is divided between the two electronic cars. In addition, an additional 150 7-kilowatt charging points have been installed in the Gigahub car park.

BP Pulse is not reducing the installation of chargers, as it wants to install additional high-performance chargers in hundreds of locations by 2030, next to major roads and highways.

“The transition to electric vehicles is evolving rapidly, so BP Pulse is focused on developing the UK’s electric vehicle infrastructure, providing the right charging speeds in the right places, and is prepared to invest up to £1 billion to do this.” – Said Akira Kirton, Vice President, BP Pulse UK.

“EVN has already built dozens of sites across the UK, but the successful completion of this new project will put us on an even more ambitious growth path.” – Saeed Redha Shibani, CEO and Co-Founder of EV Network. “NEC was the ideal location, not only geographically key, but nationally important to support the electric vehicle charging environment.” – added the CEO.

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