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Unreal Engine games crash more and more; who is in Charge?

Unreal Engine games crash more and more;  who is in Charge?

Unreal Engine 5 and Unreal Engine 4 are two of the most widely used technologies in gaming, but the titles that use them are becoming a bit unstable on PC these days.

Epic Games is behind the Unreal Engine, and the company already has a scapegoat for somewhat unstable games these days. Today's high-end personal computer processors have many cores and threads, with typically high clocks and consumption. This is especially true for Intel Core i9 CPUs (the i9-14900KS alone can consume over 300W!) and by digging into your motherboards' BIOS, you can get more performance from the processor.

One of Epic Games' divisions, RAD (which is behind Bink's video codec and Oodle's data compression technology) believes that Intel's Core i9-13900K and 14900K processors (and to a lesser extent the i7-13700 and i7-14700 family) are a problem, and is tipping the UE4 game -UE5 crashes due to a hardware error. The software team adds that neither its own products nor the Unreal Engine code has anything to do with this, so errors can also occur when using CineBench, Handbrake, and Visual Studio.

If we have a gaming PC with a 13th or 14th generation Core i9 processor (maybe a Ks i7), and something crashes with some VRAM error messages, it may not be because of our video card, but because of the processor. Therefore, the settings must be changed in the motherboard's BIOS, or Intel's XTU (Extreme Tuning Utility) must be used. It is worth reducing the performance cores multiplier (P, Performance) by one or two (from x55 to x54 or x53), as this usually eliminates errors, but if we do it from XTU, it should always be set; Changed in the BIOS, no.

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Shader compilation and video compression can suddenly load CPU cores, and if the loading continues for a long time, it may reach consumption limits and this may have a bad impact on stability. So Intel may have gone too far…

source: PCGamer

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