Unlike the first place, we do not consider themselves Ferrari in the Azerbaijani race

Lecl Leclerc starts for the fourth time in a row, but Red Bull is the fastest on the straights, and there are two of them in Baku. We know this from Ferrari, and at first they spoke cautiously after the time of the Grand Duchy of Azerbaijan.

Six poles out of eight, and we can’t beat Charles Leclerc for the fourth time in a row. With this said, in the struggle to the end, Monassi was able to produce one last great time he hadn’t even thought of.

I don’t know where this last crown came from, it surprised me too. Make all the wind as I wanted, so I’m really happy He said F1TVto Leclerc. “To win again in Australia, we need a good first, as always, and we have to compete with Red Bull directly.”

Leclerc came third for Ferrari

There is a similar opinion from the team’s race director, Laurent Mekes, who erred at the start of the last race, while racer Carlos Sainz praised his performance so far.

“We knew it was going to be tight, like it did in the first quarter, second quarter, and third. Then Charles once again snapped a photo wearing the hat, but Carlos must be commended. Kr who spoiled the best, but no one can blame him said the French specialist. “Red Bull is expected to be faster in the race, but we will be prepared for possible high temperatures and red flags, so we will do everything we can to win – there will be competition very close.”

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Sainz wasn’t as depressed as we used to be after a worse run. Contrary to other statements made by the Spanish team, the Spanish team is clearly positive on Sunday.

Sainz was lower than last time, and fell back to fourthSource: Agence France-Presse / Ozan Kos

„Great Krone [az utols krrt]At the same time I am looking for serious progress by car, especially in Monaco. If you lead a hat, you will turn around to take first – but you have to do it the way you do now. Our start isn’t bad for tomorrow either, so we’ll fight as best we can,” said Sainz. Sky SportsKnack. We also have a good chance of winning the race against Red Bull, even if their pace seems ten or twenty stronger. It’s also hard to speculate on the basis of Friday’s simulations, because it didn’t take long to draw any conclusions.”

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