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Unknown species is explored in Australia 24 h

Australian plant and animal species yet undiscovered will be documented by local researchers over the next 25 years, according to MTI. According to the Australian Academy of Sciences (AAS), learning about Australia’s still little-known wildlife is an increasingly urgent task as global warming increases the risk of species extinction.

Vicki Smith / Getty Images

The foundation estimates that the massive task will require A$824 million (181 billion forints) over the next 25 years.

Kevin ThielAccording to the head of the AAS taxonomy, only 30 percent of about 750,000 Australian animal and plant species have been documented.

“Without the mission, it would take more than 400 years to identify undiscovered Australian plants, animals, fungi and other life. Implementation would require a 16-fold increase in the annual rate of discovery over the next 25 years.” Thiel added that by combining the knowledge of current and future researchers with new technologies such as genome sequencing, artificial intelligence and supercomputers, the goal could be achieved by 2050.

According to a report by consultancy Deloitte Access Economics, every dollar invested in the discovery of a hitherto unknown Australian species can generate economic benefits of up to A$35.

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