University training began building a prefab

University training began building a prefab

The course started at the University of Pecs College of Technology and Informatics.


a School of Engineering and Informatics, University of Pecs It started on Thursday Building eco-friendly prefabricated houses Theme. The training was organized by Chancellor Joseph Karpati, who collected topics and invited speakers.

The duration of the training is 14 x 90 minutes and includes not only theory lessons, but also a visit to the factory and buildings, as well as an exam in which students can get three credit points.

House delivered last year - Photo: Berger Houses / Facebook

The first lecture was given by Carpati, along with 11 additional teachers, including two from internationally known foreign authorities.

They said 40 students would actually be successful. 132 people registered and 81 people listened to my opening show live, and could watch and download it

Kárpáti wrote on his Facebook page. “I had a long-standing desire to teach pre-fabricated homes, and now it has come true.”

Thanks to new technologies, prefab homes have evolved dramatically in recent years / decades, and today they can be built as passive homes or even active homes, and can also be built quickly and rely heavily on the use of natural materials.

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