United States: If Russia decides to confront, it will have dire consequences

The issue of “give and take” Ukraine between the United States and Russia continues. On Thursday, the Kremlin expressed concerns about a possible escalation of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, while the United States strongly warned Russia to stay away from Ukraine. AP.

Ukraine and Western countries are concerned that more Russian troops near the country are preparing for a possible invasion. On the other hand, Moscow insists that it has no such intention and accuses Ukraine, along with its Western supporters, of rioting with fake stories. Recently, in April of this year, there was a similar case for the Russians 90-120 thousand soldiers have been deployed on the Ukrainian border, but soon it turned out to be just a view of a castle.

Anthony Blink The US Secretary of State warned during a meeting in Stockholm on Thursday Sergey Lavrov Russian Foreign Minister

If Russia decides to confront, this will have dire consequences.

But the foreign minister added to his mood, saying the best way to get through the crisis was through diplomacy.

Dmitriy BeszkovA Kremlin spokesman in Moscow said the “increasingly aggressive and provocative actions by the Ukrainian authorities” were a cause for concern. according to him Volodymyr Zelenszkig Recent statements by the Ukrainian president and other Ukrainian officials indicate that “the Ukrainian leadership does not rule out a violent scenario.”

Dennis PoslinThe leader of the Donetsk Republic, which considers itself divided, told Russian state television that they could turn to Moscow for military assistance if the region came under Ukrainian attacks. At the same time, the Ukrainian authorities denied that they intend to restore the breakaway region.

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Russia annexed Crimea to Ukraine in 2014 after expelling the country’s pro-Kremlin president. More than fourteen thousand people were killed in the fighting at that time.

Russian President Vladimir Putin The president had earlier warned NATO against deploying troops and weapons in Ukraine, saying that “Red line” I mean for Russia. On Wednesday, Putin said Moscow would ask for guarantees that would prevent further NATO expansion and the deployment of weapons near Russia’s borders.

Foreign Minister Blinkin expressed his deep concern about Russia’s plans to resume its aggression against Ukraine, adding that

This concern is shared by many across Europe.

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