Unexpectedly, Russian warships appeared in the Adriatic, where there is also an American mother ship

Unexpectedly, Russian warships appeared in the Adriatic, where there is also an American mother ship

Since late July, Russian warships have been plying the Adriatic Sea, primarily to disrupt the exit and presence of the US aircraft carrier named after President Harry Truman from the narrow seas.

It has happened before that the Russians were watching the NATO forces that were going or perhaps conducting military maneuvers in the region of Calabria, that is, at the front of the Italian boot; The portal added that it was very rare that they penetrated into the Adriatic and even tried to block the aircraft carrier USS Harry S Truman, the main NATO force in the region. According to the information, on July 22, Russian forces approached the American aircraft carrier.

According to the announcement by the Croatian Ministry of Defense, the Russians have not violated Croatian waters yet. According to security policy expert Jordan Akrap, who spoke to Jutarnji List, this should not be taken more seriously than in the Baltic Sea, or in Air Force terms, the Western Russian cat-and-mouse game, which is meant to be tested. NATO forces reacted quickly and efficiently.

There are three large Italian naval bases on the Adriatic Sea – also used by NATO – so the sea can be considered well protected; Therefore, another security policy expert, Ivica Mandic, called the Russian operation a meaningless provocation, since the region is well-protected and surrounded by NATO countries.

If these ships launch any kind of missile, they will all sink at that moment.

– Ivica Mandic reported.

It is based on an interview with the Italian Chief of Staff, Admiral Cavo Dragon, speaking to La Repubblica. Itamiradar.com Place the opposing larger warships on the map.

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In front of the USS Harry S. and already in the waters of the Ionian Sea, but at the entrance to the Adriatic is the frigate Admiral Grigorovich.

In addition to the US aircraft carrier, they are closely watched by three Italian frigates – Bergamini, Marsiglia and Lipicio – and the submarine Longobardo. However, there is currently no information on the number of Russian submarines. By the way, the Italian ATR P-72A of the Sigonella base and the American Boeing P-8As closely followed the Russian units.

According to Itamel Radar, the Russians left the Adriatic several days ago and retreated to the neighboring Ionian Sea.

Cover photo: The USS Harry S. Truman arrives in the port of Naples on May 10, 2022. MTI / EPA / ANSA / Ciro Fusco

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