Unexpectedly, Chrome has started freezing

Unexpectedly, Chrome has started freezing

Only Windows users seem to be affected, there is a temporary solution to the problem.

a Newer Windows According to a report released by Google, there are an increasing number of complaints that some users started having problems after installing the latest minor update on Google Chrome. Common symptoms appear are that the browser refuses to start, browser tabs crash, and installed extensions crash.

Google Chrome 90Source: Origo

At the time of writing, Google has not provided any information on the topic, but there are indications that the issue should be looked for in the user profile configuration files. In the worst case scenario, simply restarting the computer can fix the problem, and if not, he can try. Download Browser installation kit to update installation.

If that doesn’t work either, then it’s the easiest solution Install Chrome Beta May prove. In theory, this version is no longer malicious and stable enough, so it might be suitable for browsing temporarily until developers fix the bug in the stable version as well.

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