Under the pyramids, underwater chambers were discovered, in which people could not walk for more than 100 years

Few people know which country actually has the largest number of pyramids in the world, and the answer is not Egypt, not even Peru or any other country in South America. This particular country is located in Africa, right next to Egypt. There are more than 250 pyramids in Sudan, and although they don’t rival their Egyptian or South American relatives in size, they still make for an impressive sight in the desert.

Therefore, Sudan is the paradise of the pyramids, which had a very close relationship with Egypt throughout its history. The Kingdom of Kerma or the Kingdom of Kush had such power that it brought Egypt under its yoke, and its rulers looked to the pyramids of the greatest kings as role models. The height of these pyramids is only 30 meters, but there are an amazing number of them, they dominate the landscape with their multiplicity.

After the rise of the Nile waters, the inner tombs of many tombs were flooded, so the only way for experts, researchers and scientists to venture is to don a diving suit to see what lies in the depths of the sea. Cemeteries. The path to the burial chambers passed through many flooded chambers, while the researchers also found undiscovered objects, because the water prevents treasure thieves from plundering. the IFLScience According to his description, the explorers visited places where people had not been for more than 100 years.

The waters of the Nile have risen in recent years due to climate change and the intensification of agricultural production, as well as the construction of dams.

In the tombs, these inner chambers hid small golden statues, still intact. The three rooms were lined with beautiful arches, and at the end was the ruler’s tomb.

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