Ukrainians crack down on Russians with shocking sports pics + photos

Ukrainians are trying to confirm their attractiveness with a dramatic series of photos, stating that Russians and Belarusians have no place in the Paris Olympics.

The photos were posted by Vadym Gutkaget, the president of the Ukrainian Olympic Committee and also the Minister of Sports, on his Facebook page. At the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, ​​Gutkajet was a member of the Commonwealth of Independent States (then the successor to the dissolved Soviet Union, the CIS) with the team saber gold medal. By a twist of fate, Russia’s Stanislav Pozdnyakov, who is currently the four-time president of the Russian Olympic Committee, was also on that team.

In the photos, taken by the photographer of the Ukrainian Rhythmic Gymnastics Society, Maxim Podoprigora Made, Ukrainian gymnasts can be seen at the bombed sports complex in Kharkiv. Gutcajt mentions with bitter words that Ukrainian athletes trained and competed here, but in an instant everything turned to rubble when Russian missiles destroyed the facility.

“For those who believe that Russian and Belarusian athletes have a place in international competitions, including the Olympic Games,” is the recommendation of the head of the Ukrainian Olympic Committee for photos.

Cover photo: A Ukrainian rhythmic gymnast trains at the bombed sports center in Kharkiv (Photo: Makszym Podoprigora)

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