Ukrainians attacked Snake Island and massacred Russian soldiers

Ukrainians attacked Snake Island and massacred Russian soldiers

Reportedly the Russian leadership knew the island would be attacked, but the attack came quickly, and they could no longer stop it – Mandiner.The attack was first reported, later other sources can read about the Ukrainian action.

Indicator Roman Simbalyuk reported that the Ukrainians launched an attack on the breakaway territory of Russia, Snake Island. According to him, all the Russian soldiers who were there died.

From the side of his community, the journalist said, “Ukrainian forces hit the temporarily occupied Snake Island, and all Russian soldiers were killed as a result of the attack.”

According to one of the evacuees, the command learned about the problem, according to one source, only at the last moment, of course, it can be read in advance, but it can easily be the last Ukrainian disinformation.

According to the reporter, the Russian headquarters may have known that the attack was planned – but it could have been only an hour or two before the attack.Source: Sputnik via AFP / Alexey Kudenko

All 10 remaining Russian soldiers on the island were killed.

The Russian-Ukrainian warlord is broadcasting to us minute by minuteYou can read it here.

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