Ukrainians are already interested in Steven Seagal

The US-European sanctions coalition, made up of members of the US Congress, parliamentarians from EU member states and Ukrainian parliamentarians, also wants to punish US actor Steven Seagal, who has called on the EU to include ten individuals in the upcoming tenth sanctions package.

The US-European Sanctions Coalition, made up of members of the US Congress, parliamentarians from EU member states and parliamentarians from Ukraine, called on the union to sanction ten individuals, including world-famous US actor Steven Seagal, in the near future. The tenth sanctions package. According to the council, the crime of those involved was that they supported the Russian invasion of Ukraine News portal called Euractiv.

A picture taken on August 2, 2004 of American action film actor Steven Seagal at Sofia Airport (Photo: MTI / EPA / Sergei Chirikov)

Ukrainian MP Oleksiy Goncharenko told the newspaper that the US-European sanctions coalition was formed in the fall of 2022 with the aim of synchronizing sanctions in our two countries.

The list includes: Russian oligarchs Vladimir Lezin, Magomed Gadzhiev, Vladimir Potanin, politicians Franz Klintsevich, Ksenia Sobchak, artists Philip Kirkorov and Igor Krutoy, official in the Russian state corporation Alexei Likhachev, Ukrainian oligarch Vadim Rabinovich and American actor Steven Seagal.

The Council accused the American world star of not only speaking on behalf of Putin, but also of traveling to Moscow on the occasion of the Russian president’s birthday to celebrate with the “great world leader.”

In order to impose sanctions against the 10 individuals deemed guilty by the coalition, at the end of last year the council turned to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and EU High Representative Joseph Borrell, and now he has also written a letter to the Swedish. Foreign Minister Tobias Billström in their case.

According to Goncharenko, sanctions can only work if countries act in concert. Russian billionaire Vladimir Lisin, for example, has a mansion in the UK, factories in Belgium and a house in Miami, all of which must be sanctioned in order to be “punished.” As he says: “It would be a very bad signal to the world if such people are not punished, because it is a victory for the Putin regime.”

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