Ukrainian refugees have free access to British public health services

From Thursday, Ukrainian refugees arriving in Great Britain will be able to use the services of the British public health care system (NHS) free of charge.

According to joint information released by the British Ministry of Health and the Home Office on Thursday evening, those fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine will be able to receive medical and emergency care in hospitals and districts with immediate effect for free. However, Ukrainian refugees who have been accepted into Great Britain can self-vaccinate against the coronavirus and apply for a health check.

According to the two ministries, the British government has also introduced a separate bill to ensure that refugees from Ukraine who have arrived in Britain legally can access NHS services on the same terms as any other UK resident.

The procedure is valid for six months, after which it will be reviewed.

According to information received from the Department of Health and Home Affairs on Thursday evening, the British government has also allowed treatment of Ukrainian children with cancer in the UK. So far, treatment for oncology has begun for 21 children evacuated from Ukraine in NHS hospitals in England.

The UK Home Office also said that more than 150,000 people have so far registered with the Homes for Ukraine government initiative, indicating their willingness to take in Ukrainian refugees.

Under a program announced by the British government this week, Ukrainian refugees can search for UK supporters on the government’s website.

Residents of the UK who join the program can provide rent-free accommodation in their own homes or other residential property for refugees of their choice and name.

For individuals or families for at least six months.

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Host families and refugees can contact each other on the website and, if agreed, Ukrainian visa applicants can nominate these hosts to support their applications.

The British government pays £350 a month to support British families hosting refugees in Ukraine. Municipalities in UK municipalities hosting refugees in Ukraine receive £10,500 in budget support.

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