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Ukrainian officials angry at US decision – could Washington have fooled Kiev?

Ukrainian officials angry at US decision – could Washington have fooled Kiev?

Allowing Ukraine to use US weapons to attack targets in Russia has reduced missile attacks on Kharkiv, but has not stopped planes from dropping guided bombs at all. At least that's what the two Ukrainian officials who spoke to the American newspaper claim.

According to the report, the American license applies to a strip approximately one hundred kilometers long from the borderFighter aircraft, missile batteries and artillery units inside them could be attacked by Ukraine even if they are stationed within internationally recognized Russian territory.

At the same time, the Ukrainian army does not believe that this will give it more room for maneuver than before, although it also admits this. The number of missile attacks decreased.

Allowing the use of American weapons in strikes inside Russia, according to a Ukrainian defense official “Things have definitely changed. The enemy has definitely felt it, especially on the front lines.”. However, he added that Neither the range nor the quantity of weapons available is sufficient.

The ISW Research Center has also published its own map, which compares the ATACMS range to the range of areas allowed for strike measurements.

The analysis found that Washington's license covers about 15 percent of the weapons' range.

The biggest problem is in fact that almost all Russian military airfields are outside the 100 km radius Ukraine can only attack Halino and Alekseevka, the latter a military air base still under construction.

However, the Russian Su-34 aircraft are Killer FAB-500, FAB-1500 And now it is FAB-3000They spray glider bombs on Ukrainian positions – among other things – They are stationed in Voronezh, Lipetsk, Morozovsk, Taganrog and Yeysk.

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Although these military air bases are within range of ATACMS missiles, Washington's mandate does not include them.

ISW said in its report:

Although the change in US policy is a step in the right direction, it is not enough on its own to disrupt Russian operations on a large scale.

Cover image source: Russian Ministry of Defense / Bulletin / Anadolu via Getty Images

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