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Ukrainian government: Russia is isolated from the Internet!

Ukrainian government: Russia is isolated from the Internet!

Withdrawal of domains issued in Russia and shutdown of primary DNS servers in the country It would effectively block access to Russian websites and put the country in an “offline” mode.

There has been no example of such a move, and experts say it is unlikely to happen, but debate has arisen over whether it would be wise to cut off the Internet to Russia at a time when the global economy is already suffering badly.

this punishment It would completely paralyze the country’s economy, The Russian people will immediately feel the negative effects of this measure.

However, Russia, along with China and other countries, could create an entirely new organization in place of ICANN, fragmenting the global Internet.

In 2018, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt predicted that the Internet would eventually split into two parts: one sector that would be led by China and one led by the United States.. Currently, the Chinese government imposes severe censorship on internet traffic, It has also banned companies such as Facebook and Google from operating on its World Wide Web.

Russia has been trying to restrict the flow of domestic information by radical means since 2019 Including installing equipment that can filter unwanted data. The government also began restricting access to Twitter in 2021 after the company was accused of slowly removing certain content.


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