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Ukrainian fine-tuning reached a new level: American weapons were installed on Soviet air defense systems

Ukrainian fine-tuning reached a new level: American weapons were installed on Soviet air defense systems

In an interview with Radio NV on Sunday, Yuri Ihnat, spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force, revealed that it was inherited from the Soviet Union. Buk-M1 anti-aircraft missile systems have been modified and tested effectively against Western missilesFor in the United States.

The Buk-M1 aircraft use only Russian-made missiles. Kiev saw a need to modernize the weapons, perhaps because, among other things, there was little chance of replacing the missiles launched.

Ukrainian air defense In addition to the Buk-M1, the Sz-300 and Sz-125 air defense systems are mainly used, At the same time, it was heard already in May that Kiev wanted to replace all Soviet weapons.

In January 2023, news emerged that the Ukrainian military had discovered a way to modify BOC so they could Firesea Sparrow missiles. These missiles can be launched from sea or land to intercept aircraft or cruise missiles. While the United States and most of its allies use the shipborne version, Ukraine is expected to use the ground-launched version. This version is currently in service with Taiwanese air defense only.

By the way, Kiev is investing its serious energy in modernizing the armed forces: It entered into a partnership with the German company Rheinmetall Regarding the repair and maintenance of Western vehicles initially, the giant later also plans to establish a factory in Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky appointed him Minister of Defense last September The primary task of Rustam Omerov also became the implementation of military development in accordance with NATO standards.

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Cover image: Russian 9K37 BUK anti-aircraft missile systems being prepared for the 2008 Victory Day parade. Cover image illustration, Source: Mikhail Galustov/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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