Ukrainian diplomacy rained fire on one of its most important allies

Ukrainian diplomacy rained fire on one of its most important allies

Disappointing signals come from Germany, while Ukraine now needs Panthers and Martins. There is not a single rational argument as to why these weapons should not be carried. What is Berlin afraid of that Kyiv does not?

Coleba tweeted.

German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said on MondayAnd the They will not send tanks to Ukraine. However, pressure is mounting on the German government on this matter. The result of the public enthusiasm that followed the weekend attack in Ukraine Norbert Röttgen, representative of the opposition Christian Democratic Union and chair of the Bundestag’s Foreign Affairs Committee In his tweet Monday morning, he announced his demand to send German tanks.

Ukraine needs more weapons. The counterattack is very successful and the liberated areas must be secured. They need tanks for that

He said Röttgen’s Tweet.

On the eve of the Ukrainian counterattack, On September 8, the United States also began negotiations on To send Western-style combat vehicles to the country occupied by Russia, declaring that America would be ready to send modern tanks to Ukraine.

So far, no country has supplied Western-made infantry fighting vehicles or tanks

– protect him Lambrecht’s decision came, adding that Germany does not take such unilateral steps.

For six months, the allies were arguing about who should sell the tanks to Ukraine. There were no lockers for six months because there was no solution. Germany, looking forward to hearing from you

– He could get in Mihajlo PodoljakAdviser to the Ukrainian Prime Minister, he applied pressure.

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Cover image source: Bundeswehr /Wiki Commons

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