Ukraine's president insults his most important ally

Ukraine’s president insults his most important ally

Ukraine’s president maintains his usual video check-in every night, but in recent weeks he has come up with increasingly staggering demands while constantly accusing and scolding countries that help him without any commitment. He recently insulted Israel and is now causing a diplomatic scandal between Japan and Ukraine.

Zelensky is constantly trying to pressure the countries that support him with ever more dizzying demands. Bloomberg recently reported that a video commemorating the defeat of fascism appeared on the official Twitter of the Ukrainian government, featuring Emperor Hirohito as well as Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

Japan immediately protested the Ukrainian government’s special action through diplomatic channels, and the Japanese Emperor was soon removed from the video.

Japan provides unprecedented assistance to Ukraine, and there are few examples of the island nation receiving refugees, yet they have done so with the Ukrainians. In response, Kyiv compared one of its revered rulers to Hitler.

This was not the first time that the Ukrainian president had offended the Japanese. A month earlier, Russia had taken military action to attack Japan’s Pearl Harbor Same. Even then, voices emerged in Japan that the country should distance itself from Ukraine, and now these views have intensified again.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr ZelenskySource: MTI / EPA / Serhiy Dolzhenko

Oddly enough, the Western powers and many other developed countries give Ukraine all the help, while Zelensky, instead of gratitude, constantly blackmails and humiliates his allies while making more and more demands.

The Ukrainian president entered into a diplomatic clash not only with Japan, but also with Israel when he compared the Russian military operations in Ukraine to the Holocaust.

So Zelensky likened the Ukrainians to the victims of the Holocaust, while the Ukrainian nationalists took their share of the Holocaust during the pogroms. It is also interesting to note that many of the perpetrators of the most heinous crimes committed against the Jewish population of Ukraine are now considered national heroes of Ukraine.

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