Ukraine will receive $24.5 million from the United States to protect its borders

Ukraine will receive $24.5 million in support from the United States to strengthen border protection, the Ukrainian border guards said on their official website on Tuesday.

According to the statement, the Ukrainian border guards have reached an agreement with the US Embassy’s Law Enforcement Department to implement a $20 million joint project. Ukraine plans to purchase the latest surveillance cameras, unmanned aerial vehicles, that is, unmanned aerial vehicles, protective equipment for border guards, transport and communications equipment, especially for units serving on the borders of Russia and Belarus. The project will start in January and continue next year.

In addition, another project was recently registered as part of a partnership with the US State Department. Accordingly, the United States will provide $4.5 million to Ukraine to develop its border infrastructure.

Ukrainian news portal Pravda reported that relations between the West and Russia have recently become very tense. Russian President Vladimir Putin has demanded legally guaranteed guarantees preventing further NATO expansion in the east and the spread of arms in Ukraine, which he said threaten Russia’s security. Jens Stoltenberg The Secretary General of NATO and the leaders of several NATO member states rejected Moscow’s request. Alexander Lukashenko However, the President of Belarus was fully supportive of Putin on this issue.

Alexey DanilovThe Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (RNBO) said at a press conference last week that Russia is currently deploying 122,000 soldiers in the immediate vicinity of the Ukrainian border.


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