Ukraine can dictate sanctions on Brussels

Ukraine can dictate sanctions on Brussels

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba gave an eloquent interview to a Ukrainian news agency, perhaps wanting to indicate that Ukraine is superior to the West in the policy of sanctions.

“In 90 percent of cases, Western leaders used to obey Ukraine—sometimes with flattery, sometimes with pressure, sometimes with threats. However, when they met Zelensky—whose attitude is ‘so it would be’—then they thought they would show respect.”

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said in an interview. Thus, the head of the department – willingly or unintentionally – It could strongly suggest that prominent Western politicians are dancing to the whistle of Ukrainian President Zelensky.

Koleba added it

I said to them all: We are not your builders, because we no longer bow to you. We rightly expect some respect and acceptance from you because our point of view may differ. It hurts them to get used to it.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro KulebaSource: Agence France-Presse / Fabrice Cuffriny

It should be noted that Kuleba – as head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – personally participated in the conquest of the West, when it was necessary to persuade the heads of governments and states, as well as international public opinion, of sanctions – writes the V4NA.

He pointed out in the interview that the most difficult punitive measures so far is to persuade countries to separate Russian banks from the SWIFT system.

Then the Western countries decided a number of sanctions against Russia, including those that most harm European citizens, that is, a partial or complete cessation of the import of energy carriers.

However, opinions that Europe sacrifices its existence and security at the behest of Ukraine are becoming higher in Western countries – leading politicians, economists, skilled workers and ordinary people are trying to draw the attention of the West to the fact that various actions harm themselves much more than Russia.

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