UK relaxations may decline because the covid delta variant is 40 per cent more contagious than its predecessors.

British Health Secretary Matt Hancock has announced that the Delta type of coronavirus (previously running under the Indian name) is 40 per cent more contagious than previous types, making it difficult for the British government to relax or not. According to the original plans, on June 21, the restrictions related to the coronavirus in the country could have been completely lifted. In addition, 75 percent of new infections are already caused by a delta variant.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock


According to the minister, it is conceivable that a major relaxation will slip and some rules will remain in place for some time, but all options will be explored. They monitor the number of hospitalizations and infections, because although the number of first cases is stagnating, the number of infections is on the rise. A decision is expected next week.

According to various calculations, the delta variant is 30 to 100 percent more contagious than the first alpha variant. Hancock spoke of 40 percent and that this makes the epidemic difficult to manage. However, he emphasized that two doses of the vaccine also protect against the delta variant just as well as against previous doses. The vaccination of people under the age of 30 is now being introduced in the UK, and it is also being discussed whether the vaccine will be allowed to be given to people aged 12-15.

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