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The labor shortage caused by Britain’s exit from the European Union is severely affecting the British agricultural sector. There is no one in the south of England’s economy to beat broccoli. Many fruit and vegetable growers did not plant until this year, fearing that the situation would not change next year.

“Without seasonal workers, the next few years will be particularly challenging, with change in British produce expected to continue,” says Julian Marks, head of one of the largest vegetable suppliers.

The problem is widespread. It affects all sectors that have so far relied on European workers.

“This is already the fifth empty gas station I’ve been to, which is a bit worrying because I’m going to run out of fuel soon,” says our reporter, Luke Haranhan.

Although the military has already been deployed, there is still a shortage of truck drivers and many gas stations do not have fuel. Due to the shortage of European workers, ranchers also face difficult decisions.

Our correspondent explains: “This farm relied on European workers for the slaughter and preparation of the turkeys. In recent weeks, they had to destroy the animals due to a lack of labor. There is no one to package the poultry.”

Turkey breeder Paul Kelly finds the situation frustrating

“You raise animals and there are people who want to buy them. Then throw them in the trash. A tragic loss. The shelves are empty – it could be terrible if we don’t get help.”

The government refused to allow more immigrants to deal with the labor shortage, and required entrepreneurs to hire more British workers. According to farmers, food shortages may become the worst of Christmas.

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