UH Hosts Bad Boys Club: The GOP Debate Edition

When I first heard the Republican Debate was being hosted at the University of Houston, I expected it to actually be a debate. A debate where candidates would formally discuss the important issues of America and respectfully agree to disagree when views differed. To my dismay I was beyond incorrect. It was not a debate at all. Here are some highlights from the Bad Boys Club: The GOP Edition also known as The Republican Debate.



Swiss Cheese?

During the introduction speeches, Donald Trump was speaking on the prevalent issue of illegal immigration and decided to refer to the American borders as “Swiss cheese.” This was irony, because in this moment I should have known that this debate was going to be a cat versus mouse chase.



Firing Dennis Rodman

Senator Ted Cruz was being shady towards Donald Trump when he brought up the fact that when he was leading the movement opposing the Gang of Eight’s Amnesty Bill, Donald Trump was busy firing Dennis Rodman on Celebrity Apprentice. It was a low blow to Trump, but he never fails to attack back when attacked.



Choke Artist & Liar

Speaking of Trump attacking back, he didn’t wait too long before he did it. He proceeded to call Senator Rubio a “choke artist” and Senator Cruz a “liar.” I have crowned this comment the most disrespectful one of the night.





Building Trump Towers

Senator Rubio had his own shady moment of the night when he said in regards to Trump “If he builds the wall the way he built Trump Towers he would be using illegal immigrants to do it.” This made me grab for my sunglasses and grab my straw, because this was some real tea.



Show Me Attention

My favorite line of the night came from the neurosurgeon from Ben Carson himself.  It was such an unpolitical thing to say and it just shows how the debates are held purely for attention. If that was not true then Carson wouldn’t have said “Can somebody attack me, please?”

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