Ubisoft Montpellier isn’t the only one working on Beyond Good & Evil 2

a Ubisoft One of his studios is already thinking about the future, it is true that even their long-announced, to put it mildly, not very good Beyond Good & Evil are being made with them…

Ubisoft Montpellier has posted a job ad on LinkedIn. In this, the studio confirmed that it missed this year’s E3 in a completely incomprehensible way Beyond Good and Evil 2 It’s just one of their projects, because they also have an “undisclosed game”.

For the two games, a community boss is sought, and Mail According to the successful applicant will be responsible for the community strategy for both the game. However, this will require a move to Montpellier, France, and it is also expected that knowledge of French and English will be required. Both PR and events will be handled by this person, which in turn means that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is at least approaching the point where the French publisher begins marketing.

This goes against what Ubisoft said in May: At the time, the company led by Yves Guillemoth said there were no plans to release Beyond Good & Evil 2 “soon”! And we have no idea what an unannounced game might be, but perhaps the project could be linked to the Rayman series, as Ubisoft Montpellier is known. The last Rayman game release has been around for eight years since Rayman Legends launched in 2013

Beyond Good & Evil 2 was announced by Ubisoft in 2017 and went into development hell, so the playable beta version slated for 2019 has yet to reach us. It is said to require a stable internet connection, and Hindus are also concerned about what will come out of it with concept images. previously used. Well, and Michel Ancel, the game’s creator, left (retired) in 2020.

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However, what does Ubisoft do next?

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