Ubisoft itself has leaked the exact release date of Rainbow Six Extraction

Ubisoft itself has leaked the exact release date of Rainbow Six Extraction

As of now, Ubisoft’s co-op commando game, Rainbow Six Extraction, will be released sometime in January 2022. But it appears that, contrary to the French company’s will, it has previously announced that the software will be available quite accurately from January 20th.

a VGC Ubisoft noticed website The interesting date is that it comes from a rather old notice in June, which was recently updated. Presumably, this is not how they wanted to reveal the date, because no new entries were made on Ubisoft’s social media sites and the game. It is possible that the writing was prematurely updated in preparation for the official announcement. However, it is also possible that this is just a simple mistake and it will not be the final release date.

Extracting just wants to be very cumbersome, originally expected to be released in 2020, then reloaded by September 2021, and finally pushed to January 2022. It was first announced under the subtitle Quarantine, but then Ubisoft realized that it might not It is the most lucrative name at the time of the virus outbreak. The extraction process was inspired by the Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak game mode, which also means that with the well-known rainbow commandos, aliens must enter the area controlled by the Archa, and it is not a shame to get out of there alive.

Rainbow Six Extraction will also be available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Google Stadium, and Amazon Luna.

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