Two women's finalists and three freestyle swimmers placed fifth in the e-Youth category

Two women’s finalists and three freestyle swimmers placed fifth in the e-Youth category

Anna Zell (59kg) and Rosa Zintamasi (59kg) reached the European Championship final on Thursday with superb wrestling, while Joel Haines (86kg), Christian Anghel (92kg) and Tscha Auburnak (125kg) were also in a closed fifth in the Continental Junior Grand Prix. in Dortmund.

Three bronze matches of Hungarian interest were also held at the Junior European Wrestling Championships in Dortmund on Wednesday evening. On the free fly, it weighs 86 lbs Haines Joel After defeating the semi-finals on Tuesday, he met Turkey’s Şefçi on the podium.


In a match that featured spectacular inflections, the Vasas rider was at a disadvantage in the first round, but tied in the second half and even led 4-2 in the second round. But he could not maintain his advantage for a long time, and then left his opponent on the battlefield at 4-4, with only 27 seconds left. However, Joel couldn’t take his last hair, the Turks knocked him out just ten seconds before the end and won the match, putting Hencz in fifth.

92 pounds Christian Angel He was also able to take the rug for the medal, as after his defeat in the quarter-finals on Tuesday, the winner (German, Mayer) marched to the final, so that the Hungarian boy could continue the solace, beating Poland’s Banzac 10-10 (with a valuable measure). Top). His bronze fight was much smoother than the battle of Hentsch, the Armenian Sargsyan did not give the gladiator from Cybele many chances, he won the battle with technical ink, so the angel also became the fifth.

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From 125 pounds Csaba Ubornyák He was also in consolation, but he immediately followed him into the bronze match. Waad Vass finally lost 6-5 in the Great Battle of Ukraine’s Suva, thus adding another fifth place to the Hungarian scorers line. The third consolation to the Hungarians, Balint Palazzo (at 74 pounds) He was 8-5 behind Russia’s Abdul Kadyrov in his first consolation match, so he couldn’t fight for the medal.

From left: Anna Zell, Federal coach Diletta Ritter and Rosa Zintamasi • Source: MBSZ

In addition, in the Wednesday morning program, women’s struggles began with five weight groups (50, 55, 59, 68 and 76 kg) in the Ruhr town, and apart from 68 kg, we can also observe the performance of the Hungarian youth on the field in the other four categories.

55 of them Szenttamási Róza and 59 pounds Anna wind They also performed great wrestling, with both reaching the finals on Thursday night. Szenttamási first beat Belarus in the quarter-finals by 3-0, then beat Turkey’s Dernekci 11-4 in the final. Ukrainian Homenec will be a hopeful opponent in Sybil for gold. Meanwhile, Szél beat Witos in Poland 10-0 in his first match, among the top eight, in a technical shower, then won by a similar margin against Nygren, Sweden. The talent of the people of Urushaza will also be won by a Ukrainian competitor who will have to compete with Leskovic for the European Championship title.

Next to them is 50 pounds Matte VivianAnd 76 pounds Rica Lazar They both won their first match, but in the jump both were knocked out by the quarter-finals and neither of them won the heavyweight group finals, so the fight was over for them.

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