Two Politicians from Baranya got finalists on the opposition list

Two Politicians from Baranya got finalists on the opposition list

All 279 seats on the electoral roll of the Union of Opposition Parties are already public in Unity for Hungary. Two Baranya politicians, Bertalan Toth of the MSZP (co-chair of the party) and Lórló Keresztes of the LMP, LMP, are among the places that appear to be candidates for the committee.

As Friends of Bertalan Toth, he took the most privileged position, being sixth in the unified opposition list, ahead of LMP co-chair Peter Ungar and first man in the DK, Ferenc Gyurcsany. . books free pecs.

So Toth is sure to be a Member of Parliament next, just as anyone can welcome Bloorlo Kirchits with a calm heart. The green politician from Pecs is ranked 32 on the list, but since there are those who have predicted they will definitely not take their seats – Clara Dobrev and Girgili Karacsonni – as well as those who will start individually in the winning district, the position can begin to prepare for the next parliamentary session.

Baranya third from the list is Patrick Schwartz Kiefer of the list (starts individually in the Mohag region) at 61st. This is indeed a position in which there is more chance of him not getting a seat than yes, but in the event of a better-than-expected opposition, he may get away with List in Parliament if individual success is not achieved. .

Six other politicians from the province were added to the joint opposition list. Balázs Nemes (Momentum, 94th place), István Csaba (MSZP, 101), László Szakács (DK, 232), Lajosné Szarkándi (DK, 236), József Kóbór (LMP, 238) and Tamás Mellár (267). In their case, it is practically impossible to get a seat on the slate, but Laius Szarcandi, Laszlo Zakax and Tamas Millar start individually, and the latter two have a chance against the Fides candidates.

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