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Two people are developing this brutal FPS horror game in Unreal Engine 5

Two people are developing this brutal FPS horror game in Unreal Engine 5

No fan will be left without a dry eye when they see the latest trailer for the horror game Unreal Engine 5.

John Gabor

29.12.2023 – If you love the genre and want to watch just one video today, it should be the trailer for this bloody and amazing horror game! The body camera FPS, which is being developed in Unreal Engine 5, comes with a story-driven single-player campaign, but two-person co-op will also be available.

Source: mistifdev

DSO Gaming has released a new trailer for The Horror Game Awards 2023 Requested Development studio. Much to their surprise, MystiveDev is a two-person company, and the game is also being worked on by this solo duo! The game will be released under the title Chasmal Fear, and, unusually for story-driven games, can end with not just one ending, but three different endings. Yes: The development of the story, which takes place in a deep-sea research base turned into hell on Earth, will be greatly influenced by our decisions.

Unreal magic in the making

Chasmal Fear promises to be full of random events, sounds, scares, puzzles and various monsters. It's really promising that the environments are full of traps, such as floor surfaces that fall unexpectedly, dropping the player to levels they wouldn't otherwise be able to reach. The visuals – although some of the images in the trailer above are still incomplete – are really impressive, albeit for a low-budget indie horror film, which, again: was developed by just two people, but in Unreal Engine 5!

MystiveDev seems to be a great horror specialist anyway: their previous game, Mirror Forge, released in December 2022, received mostly positive reviews from on the steam, where you can try a free demo to see if you need it, and it's now 33 percent cheaper for €8.56 (3,300 forints). Although Chasmal Fear, which promises to be a much bigger release, doesn't have a release date yet (otherwise it's only planned for PC), it's already been released. Wish List executable. The horror story sounds very interesting: players fall into an empty and mysterious underwater facility where something goes terribly wrong. “Ammo is low, and the odds are against you, so choose wisely between fighting or sneaking, because the monsters you kill may turn into something worse. Unlock hidden areas and solve puzzles to find out what happened in the top-secret base.

We've also explained here why we can't resist this one:

Why do we like to play survival horror games? What do we eat in fear?

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