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Two Lamborghini drivers are included in the WRT lineup at Le Mans

The Belgian team confidently headed toward a double success at last year’s LMP2 at 24 Hours of Le Mans, but due to a technical flaw they were only able to “celebrate” one win.

Currently, they will continue to drive one car in WEC, and a Realteam car will also be equipped. But like last year, this year they plan to release a second car in this year’s most popular race.

Last year’s LMP2 champions were also served by them, but now the dream team has disintegrated: Robin Frijns has remained, but Ferdinand Habsburg has moved to the sister team (Realteam) and Charles Millesi strengthens Richard Mille, who started last year as a competitor.


The second team (European champions Le Mans) also did not survive: Deletraz and Kubica Prema LMP2 He will be driving, which could be the flagship of the Ferrari Hypercar team.

This is how Robin Frijns-Sean Gilliel-René Rast (WRT) and Ferdinand Habsburg-Roy Andrade-Norman Natto (Realteam) got together. They will be joined by Mirco Bortolotti, Rolf Inspiration and Dries Fanthur.

The previous two in Grasser Racing colors will enhance Lamborghini’s factory DTM program this year. If we add that They are already flutteringThat the manufacturer could start the LMDH program, that would be a good first step…

Vanthoor, on the other hand, is a member of Audi Sport, which also prepares for the higher endurance class. René Rast and Nico Müller, for example, will also be there in the LMP2 field.

Bortolotti has proven so far mainly in the GT classes, and has already won in Daytona and Sebring. Vanthoor is the defending GT World Challenge Europe title and also has a win in the Le Mans class.

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“We are very excited to be able to launch a third car at Le Mans, as well as two guaranteed seats due to our success last year.” pointed out Vincent Voss, WRT Team Leader.

“It will be a big challenge for us to pay attention to three cars this year. To avoid that, the third car will also be staffed with a full crew and I am sure this will strengthen the whole team.”

“It’s a special happiness that Rolf and Mirko are back with us and that Driss will join us as well. They are all members of the WRT family and can make a huge contribution to the team’s success in protecting our titles. Thanks to the Lamborghini Squadra Corse and Audi Sport for letting them go.”


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