Két nagy Ubisoft játék csatlakozik hamarosan az Xbox Game Passhez bevezetőkép

Two great games from Ubisoft will be joining Xbox Game Pass soon

More games will soon be available from the French stable on Xbox Game Pass.

The VGCTwo interesting titles were noticed on the “Coming Soon” subpage of Xbox Game Pass. Both Ubisoft and Microsoft have been promising these games for some time, but until now we didn’t know exactly when they would arrive.

Information just released gives you specific dates: For Honor, Ubisoft’s PVP action game, will open its new Game Pass lineup on June 1.

The arrival of the Marching Fire Edition will follow the release of Assassin’s Creed Origins on June 7. A non-Ubisoft game will soon appear in the ranks like Shadowrun Returns, so anyone who isn’t too interested in action games will also have something to enjoy this summer.

The above games will be available with an Xbox Game Pass subscription on Xbox consoles, via the cloud, or through the Ubisoft Connect for Xbox Game Pass section on PC. Xbox Team Anyway Agrees with Ubisoftso we wouldn’t be surprised if more, older titles appear on the Game Pass roster in the future.

Here we would like to remember the great moments that Kaci and EndreMan gave us at that time as part of For Honor GameStart, just take a look at:

And of course, Assassin’s Creed Origins didn’t miss the party either:

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