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Two armored men attacked each other at close range – and the commander who carried out the siege attack spoke

Two armored men attacked each other at close range – and the commander who carried out the siege attack spoke

The 47th Ukrainian Brigade, equipped with M2A2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles imported from the United States of America, published a video clip of a Russian BTR-82 aircraft heading towards the Ukrainian lines on the highway. The recording shows, among other things, that The Ukrainian armored personnel carrier exploded from the trees, and the two combat vehicles avoided each other by barely a meter. The video also showed the Russian combat vehicle stopping shortly afterwards, but the fate of the Bradley (which was likely injured) was unknown.

The Washington Post has now published a more detailed interview with the driver. The Ukrainian soldier named Victor said that after receiving the order over the radio, they set off immediately, and he…They were also surprised when they met the Russian vehicle. Then he ordered the driver of the infantry fighting vehicle to raise his fist, and Bradley attacked him head-on with the Russian tank. During the short skirmish that resembles a “knight's duel.”

The Bradley's aiming device was hit, disabling the main armament of the combat vehicle.

Later, the Russians claimed that the car hit a mine and was destroyed during the battle. But according to Victor, this did not happen. After the battle, the vehicle returned to friendly lines. At the same time, he acknowledged the authenticity of the Russian video, because it was also filmed around his team – Another with Bradley three days later.

All the soldiers who were in the car were injured, but at the same time they survived the collision with an armored personnel carrier mine. In this regard, Victor praised the vehicle's equipment and armor and the training he received from American forces stationed in Germany.

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M2s were developed by the United States in the 1980s to protect and support M1 Abrams tanks. American doctrine generally calls for Bradley vehicles to operate in groups alongside other vehicles such as tanks, usually engaging targets from a distance to avoid enemy fire. This strategy is complemented by the protection provided by a strong air force.

However, Ukraine has different tactics according to the current combat situation. The armored personnel carriers go into deployment alone, collide head-on with Russian combat vehicles, and then hastily retreat after the battle.

Ukraine received about 300 M2A2 Bradley aircraft from the United States, of which approximately a third, i.e. 87 aircraft, have already been proven lost.

The cover image is an illustration. Cover image source: Reuters/Portfolio

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