Two additional seats sold to Qatar Football Club

Two additional seats sold to Qatar Football Club

Mexico and the United States also qualified for the Qatar Football Club in the final round of the North and Central American Qualifiers.

Mexico ranked second behind Canada, who previously secured their participation with a 2-0 victory,

While the United States lost 2-0 in Costa Rica, they outperformed their current opponent by a better goal difference.

The US team did not reach the 2018 championship in Russia, but this time it successfully passed the hurdles and could be ready to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its story. Mexico continued its impressive streak, as the World Cup has not been held since 1994 without Tre. For the Americans, third place in the 1930 World Cup is the best result, while Mexico reached the top eight twice (1970, 1986) and hosted the World Cup both times.

Costa Rica, who ranks fourth on the grid, will be able to fight for the exit as their best opponent in the ocean region will be New Zealand.

World Cup Qualifiers, 14th Round of the CONCACAF Zone:

Panama – Canada 1-0
Costa Rica – USA 2-0
Mexico – Salvador 2-0
Jamaica – Honduras 2-1

The final result1. Canada 28 points (23-7), 2. Mexico 28 (17-8), 3. United States 25 (21-10), 4. Costa Rica 25 (13-8), 5. Panama 21, Jamaica 6 11, 7. Salvador 10, 8. Honduras 4

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