Twitter permanently bans a Republican lawmaker from spreading false news

Twitter permanently bans a Republican lawmaker from spreading false news

Twitter is America’s enemy and can’t stand the truth

Comment on Telegram Marjorie Taylor Green A US Republican said Twitter permanently disabled his personal account on Sunday. The company justified the decision on the grounds that the MP has repeatedly violated its policies against spreading false or misleading information about the coronavirus pandemic.

Referring to news agency sources, MTI wrote that the MP had previously received several warnings for spreading conspiracy theories that called into question the efficacy of vaccinations and the rules for wearing masks. Greene’s account has been suspended by Twitter four times so far for violating its terms of use, but for the fifth time, Twitter is permanently suspending accounts that violate the rules.

In July, for example, a Georgia parliamentarian’s account was suspended for a week afterwards Joe Biden The president called on tech companies to take stronger action against false claims against vaccines. Twitter then defended its efforts in this regard, saying it has removed thousands of tweets for similar reasons.

Among Green’s latest tweets was Saturday’s entry that incorrectly referred to “too many deaths from the coronavirus vaccine.”

There has been an almost “vertical increase” in the number of new COVID-19 cases in the United States, with an average of 400,000 cases per day, White House chief health adviser Anthony Fauci said on Sunday, as the number of hospitalizations rose. AP said. Suspension affects only the member’s personal account and may continue to use their office.

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