Twitter India is responsible for user content

The Indian government says Twitter simply has not cooperated with the country’s new IT laws, so it is losing existing protections.

I lost it Twitter is in India, so the Indian government can now hold the platform responsible for user-generated content. The decision was made, according to the Indian leadership, because the American giant simply did not cooperate with the new IT laws.

Although the lack of cooperation has been criticized countless times by the Indian leadership, this is the first time it has been officially stated in court that Twitter has lost protection.

In India, many fear that the new, tougher regulatory environment will make it difficult for US companies to operate in India. In addition, a significant tightening of e-commerce is expected, which is why Amazon is also Protest. arrogant indian trade minister he called He says US e-commerce companies are vomiting out their laws.

As for Twitter, the company says it is doing its best to cooperate with Indian laws. It aims to regulate content on social media, make platforms and content creators more legally accountable, and remove content.

In recent weeks, Twitter has come under repeated criticism from the Indian leadership, with local police opening at least five cases against the company or its employees.

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