Twitter has frozen the account of the US embassy in China due to the Uyghur tweet, and China says it is the victim in the story

Twitter has frozen the account of the US embassy in China due to the Uyghur tweet, and China says it is the victim in the story

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China believes they have fallen victim to disinformation after Twitter temporarily froze the US embassy account in the country over a tweet in defense of Beijing’s treatment of Uighurs. The post said that thanks to the activities of the Chinese government, Uyghur women are no longer “mother machines.”

The post was quoted from an article in a state newspaper that, during the “elimination of extremism,” “the minds” of Uyghur women were “liberated”, and gender equality and sexual health were promoted.

In recent years, China has launched a targeted attack on indigenous Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, as millions of community members have been coerced. Re-education camps and unpaid labor, And women Even sterile. The Chinese government consistently denies allegations in this regard, despite the evidence.

“China is the biggest victim of this situation. There is a lot of false and unpleasant information circulating about China about things related to Xi. Of course, it is the duty and duty of the Chinese embassy in China to clarify the facts and clarify the truth.”

Hua Chunying, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, responded to the Twitter ban. He also said he hoped Twitter would remain objective and neutral and would not apply double standards in this regard.

A Twitter spokesperson said the post violated the site’s content regulations, which prohibit the dehumanization of any group of people based on religion, social class, age, disability, disease, nationality, race or ethnicity.

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The post is not available on the site and the account is suspended until the owner deletes the relevant tweet. It is not known if the embassy is prepared to do so.

On the last day of the Trump government Call it genocide China’s actions against the Uyghurs. “The genocide continues and we are witnessing the Chinese party state systematically trying to destroy the Uyghur people,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (now only) said in a statement. Chinese government officials “are implicated in the forced assimilation and final extermination of a weak ethnic and religious minority.”



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