Twitter also helped cover up the dealings of Joe Biden's son

Twitter also helped cover up the dealings of Joe Biden’s son

The Twitter microblogging service’s senior management was also aware of the practice whereby parties in the United States can request removal, suppression, or even promotion of certain posts (Tweets). Moreover, it was organized by contracts – Writes Fox News, the American news channel, refers to the American journalist, Matt Tibi. Tibi claims that billionaire businessman Elon Musk himself, the new owner of Twitter, provided him with the data needed for processing.

After addressing internal correspondence, Taibi wrote about how tools originally developed against scammers and illegal data-gathering were increasingly being used to apply for political purposes.

Outside actors began to approach the company in order to manipulate the public discourse on the site: first a little, then more, and finally permanently. By 2020, fulfilling requests sent by connected actors has become routine

He said good.

These specific “associated actors” are representatives of both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Among the emails published by Thebes, there was not a unique instance of the company sending a list of links to tweets that had already been uploaded, which were then sent to authorities: “For review, Team Biden requested.” instruction, to which the response was: “Process”.

The most interesting point in this exercise concerns Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden. In the run-up to the 2020 presidential election, the New York Post published unpleasant details about the young Biden anarchism About your private and business affairs. In the center of the story was a laptop of uncertain origin, but according to all indications associated with Hunter Biden, on which emails were found, according to which the then presidential candidate Joe Biden personally met with Ukrainian economic operators. Later, emails of documented origin, also from the laptop, supported the Biden family’s economic ties in Ukraine. Twitter tends to ban sharing of the New York Post article, and limit the spread of findings and content that condemns the Biden family.

However, Tibi claims that based on the content he examined, it cannot be said with absolute certainty that the US federal government at the time “interfered” with the story. On the one hand, it can be proven that the top management of Twitter at that time was responsible for censorship. Former Chairman and CEO Jack Dorsey knows nothing of these things, the strings were pulled by one person Vijaya Gaddy, the legal, political and trust director of the company at the time.

They simply decided [a cenzúrázásról]. The excuse was that the site had been hacked, but within a few hours it became clear to everyone that no one would believe it

– said a former Twitter employee.

According to Tibi, with some irony, these distortions have already been labeled “hacked material” in the entire company, but he points out, at the same time, that formal mandatory findings or law enforcement authorities related to the disappearance of politically charged tweets are missing in all cases after cyberattacks.

Al-Tayeb and Musk – who, after taking over the company, stated that he wanted as much openness as possible regarding the company’s present and future, as well as its moderate practices – both noted that there was still a lot of material waiting to be processed, which sheds light on similarly questionable solutions.

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