Twenty people were screened during security checks for Afghans who fled to Germany

Twenty people were screened during security checks for Afghans who fled to Germany

MTI reported that twenty people were screened during a security screening of more than four thousand Afghan nationals who arrived in Germany through military evacuations in Kabul, according to German government figures released on Monday.

According to a new summary issued by the Federal Interior Ministry, so far 4,921 people who were evacuated from the Afghan capital by the Bundeswehr or the coalition army in operations from Taliban control have arrived in Germany in mid-August. until the end of the month.

Of the 4,921 people, 469 are German and 4,129 are Afghan nationals. He said that twenty “safe” Afghans were screened during entry checks by the Federal Border Police. Alina VicInterior Ministry spokesman briefing government spokespeople in Berlin.

He added that the competent authorities will take the necessary measures for all 20 people. He did not provide details of each case, but noted that the safety link was not always a violation of the law. As he said, people have been rated as people who deserve special attention from a security point of view for a variety of reasons.

Former Afghan government officials, among others, as well as individuals with information from the police have entered

said the speaker.

According to German newspapers Horst Seehofer The Minister of the Interior described some of the cases in a narrow press conference recently. He said Afghans who were evacuated from Kabul and brought to Germany were screened for rapists, others tried forged papers and also found four people previously deported from Germany to their home country for breaking the law.

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He explained that an emergency had developed in Kabul and such situations were always exploited by criminals. “On the one hand, they urge me to ‘open the gates, let them come’, and on the other hand, they criticize if only the security check was carried out when people entered Germany and it turned out that undesirable people also entered,” said the minister.

According to German press reports, one of the screened Afghan nationals was a minister in his country, and many escaped the check because their names appear in a joint database of federal and provincial counter-terrorism authorities.

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