Twenty democracies where it might be worth starting a new life

Twenty democracies where it might be worth starting a new life

As we wrote earlier, Donald Trump And the Joe Biden Even the most watched Americans’ chaotic, insulted, and embarrassing moments last week were reassured of the controversy: Google Trends said that searches for Canadian citizenship in the United States jumped in the first hour of discussion, and then continued the next morning with equal intensity. So are the opportunities to move to New Zealand.

Responding to needs a Interested in the trade Classification of potential destination countries as Americans may want to immigrate after travel restrictions are lifted because weather is acceptable, life is affordable, and immigrants are welcome. When compiling the list, exactly five aspects were taken into account: the average temperature in the country, the standard of living, the degree of openness to immigrants, the index of democracy, and the number of new infections with the Coronavirus per day. In grouping, each factor was rated on a five-point scale.

The weather in Australia, which came first, is close to ideal, with an average maximum temperature of 15-16 degrees in winter and 29 degrees in summer. According to a Gallup poll on the admission of immigrants, Australia is an open and hospitable people, although obtaining citizenship is not an easy process. However, living is more expensive than in the US (not to mention Hungary). According to its index.

There are fewer financial restrictions in second place Uruguay, where life is much cheaper than in the United States and not much more expensive than in our country, and the climate is particularly favorable. New Zealand ranked third mainly due to the low number of coronavirus infections and the widespread acceptance of immigrants.

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One of the five indicators is the prevalence of democratic principles in a particular country. Business Insider is The Economist 2019 Democracy Index It is based on the premise that democracy works best in Norway, Iceland and Sweden. This is also reflected in the list of recommended countries for immigration, as despite the harsh weather and poor inexpensive living, Iceland (16th) and Sweden (20th) are also there. Hungary was ranked fifth in the Economist’s ranking of democracies last year, which placed us among the incomplete democracies, but it does not paint a better picture of Hungary. Meaning of Freedom House Nor, accordingly, in 2019 Hungary slipped from the streak of semi-solid democracies to hybrid systems.

The top three recommended European destinations are Spain, Ireland and the Netherlands, and Botswana is the only African country.

The group also covers conditions for obtaining a temporary and permanent residence permit, and provides related pages. For example, Malaysia in twelfth place does not need to obtain a visa for a period of less than ninety days, while Portugal which ranks tenth has the so-called technology visa, which provides permanent residency to highly qualified professionals working in this field. A permanent residence permit in Tunisia slips off the platform Requirements Spend the five uninterrupted years in the country, provided that the person also has temporary residence during that period.


  1. Australia
  2. Uruguay
  3. New Zealand
  4. Tunisia
  5. Spain
  6. Mauritius
  7. Ireland
  8. Holland
  9. Botswana
  10. Portugal
  11. Germany
  12. Malaysia
  13. Paraguay
  14. Cyprus
  15. Denmark
  16. Iceland
  17. Filipino
  18. Malta
  19. Anglia
  20. Sweden

In the United States, this was not the first wave of immigration research: early in 2016, even after Donald Trump was elected, most people wrote the phrase “moving to Canada,” and the trend was similar after the 2004 US presidential election when George W. Bush I entered the White House. In Hungary, the number of people seeking to immigrate has also jumped dramatically after Fidesz’s victory in the 2018 elections.

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