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twelfth. Senior National Open Swimming Championships and VII. Danube Cup Senior Team Swimming Championship, Kecskemet – 04/15/16/2023.

In 2023, Kecskemet will host the twelfth. Senior National Open Swimming Championships and VII. Danube Cup – Championship for senior swimming teams.

In the high-level event, 329 competitors from 47 federations took cornerstones over the course of two days. Szentes Delfin ESC kicked off the two-day competition in Kecskemét with 19 competitors, and the seniors had a very successful weekend, winning 25 Hungarian championship titles and a total of 54 medal positions. In addition to podium results, it is important to highlight the points-scoring positions, as the Danube Cup was also a team tournament, with competitors earning team points up to eighth place. Szentes swimmers took the prestigious fifth place in the team competition. No new national peaks were left behind over the weekend, Dezs Melkuhn in the 200 breaststroke, 200 breaststroke and 800
He quickly beat the local best time in his age group (85).

The streak of senior rivalries continues on home soil — more specifically in the pool — on May 6, the 28th. The Szentesi Sports and Recreation Center hosts an international swimming competition.

Individual results:
Éva Berezvainé Virágos – 1st place: 50 reps, 100 backstroke, 100 sprint, 200 sprint, 200 sprint, 200 mixed,
800 FAST 2nd Place: Fasting 50.
Dezső Melkuhn – 1st place: 100 breaststroke, 200 breaststroke, 200 breaststroke, 200 medley, 800 breaststroke; Third place: 50
Laszlo Tarry – 1st place: 100 back, 100 breaststroke, 200 backstroke, 200 breaststroke
Roland Horváth – 1st place: 100 breaststroke, 200 breaststroke; 2nd place: 200 medley, 800 fast; Fourth place: 100
Fast, 200 fast.
Winter’s Eve – 1st place: 50 breaststroke and 200 breaststroke
Venczel Kincső: 1st place 50 tablets, 200 tablets
Pierre Nelly – 1st place: 50 breaststroke; Second place: 100 breasts. Third place: 200 breast implants. Fifth place: fasting 50
Eszter Rozgonyi – 1st place: 200 breasts; second place: 50 breasts; Fourth place: 50 fasting
Chaba’s Kiss – 1st place: 800 fasts; Second place: 200 times
Atelani Demeter – 2nd place: 50 backstroke, 100 breaststroke, 200 breaststroke
Istvánné Bodnár – 2nd place 50 breaststroke, 50 breaststroke
Ágnes Regőczi – 2nd place: Back 200; third place 50 breasts 200 breasts; Fifth place 50 fasting
Attila Kovacs – 2nd place: 100 backstroke; Fourth place: 200 fasts, fifth place: 50 fasts

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Anikó Nyéki – 2nd place: 100 sprint; Fourth place 50 fasting
Janus Betz – 2nd place: Fasting 50; 5th place 100 Back
Beáta Debreczeni – 2nd place: 200 breaststroke
Krisztina bel – Second place: 50 seconds
Juliana Berezvay – 3rd place: 200 breaststroke; Fifth place: 50 breasts
Krisztina Antonjuk – 5th place: 200 breaststroke; Twelfth place: 50 breasts

variable results:
Mixed Medley Relay 4x50m – 1st place (Atilani Demeter, Laszlo Tarri, Eva Feragos,
Dezső Melkuhn)
4x50m Mixed Medley Relay – 2nd place (Roland Horvath, Vincenzel Kenko, Chaba Kiss, Pierre
4x50m Mixed Relay – 2nd place (Lazlo Tari, Kristina Obel, Deza Melcon, Feragos)
Women’s 4x50m Mixed Relay – 2nd place (Atelani Demeter, Julianna Berezvay, Eva Tilly,
Stephen Bodnar)
4x50m mixed relay – 3rd place (Roland Horvat, Wenzel Kenko, Kiss Chaba, Pierre
Women’s 4x50m Medley Relay – 3rd place (Beáta Debreczeni, Nelli Biár, Anikó Nyéki,
Esther Rozgony)
Men’s 4 x 50-meter medley relay – third place (Janus Betz, Laszlo Tarry, Attila Kovacs, Melkoun

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