Tuskegee University Must Pay $2 Million To Former Teacher

Tuskegee University has to pay roughly 2 million to their general counsel and vice president Darryl Crompton of legal affairs for breach of his employment contract. They plan to appeal the verdict.

At the end of a five-day federal trial in Opelika, awarded Darryl E. Crompton $525,841 after finding Tuskegee breached the provision of Crompton’s contract that provided for a five-year term of employment. The jury also awarded Crompton another $1,427,208 after also finding that the university breached another provision of the contract that provided Crompton would be granted tenure on the first day of his employment.

Crompton was hired as an attorney and faculty member at Tuskegee University in early 2011 and was terminated on June 5, 2014.

“Here the evidence showed that Crompton as VP and general counsel was fired because the president shut down the legal department even though Crompton had a 5 year contract and tenure,” Campbell stated “The surreptitious subsequent personnel classification by Tuskegee that Crompton was ‘ineligible for rehire’ suggested some wrong doing with absolutely no factual basis.”

Tuskegee University’s actions rendered Crompton unemployable even though he applied to 185 employers seeking work.”



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