Turkey’s membership in the European Union is the goal of the opposition coalition that has joined forces to replace Erdogan

opposition coalition It consists of six partiesand was created to compete with Rcep Tayyip Erdogan With the Turkish president and the government party he leads, which has been at the helm of the country for two decades now. The coalition’s largest grouping is the Kemalist Republican People’s Party (CHP).

The most important point of the joint program is that

He will restore the parliamentary system in the country instead of the current executive presidential system.

As a result of the referendum in 2017, the previous parliamentary system was replaced by an executive presidential system, which gives more powers to the head of state.

According to the document presented on Monday, for example, the right to issue decrees is withdrawn from the President of the Republic. The head of state serves a maximum of five years instead of the current two He can be elected once for a seven-year termHe must give up his membership in the party after being elected. As head of state, Erdogan is also the head of the ruling party.

Another important goal of the election program lowering the parliamentary threshold from 7% to 3%.

It’s also a great design

After coming to power, the parties will work in favor of full membership in the European Union.

the document It also envisages the return of Syrian refugees to their homes. It is safe, according to international law, and in the shortest possible time, as indicated in the text.

The opposition party coalition is also

It would increase the independence of the central bank, and within two years it would permanently reduce annual inflation, which, though showing signs of slowing, was still at about 65 percent in December, to single digits.

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The six-party coalition has not yet announced a presidential candidate.

Erdogan recently proposed May 14 as the date for the elections.

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