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Turista Magazine – There is a place in the country where there was frost until this week

Turista Magazine – There is a place in the country where there was frost until this week

It is refreshing to hear that there is a place in Hungary where the heat wave is not raging. More experienced people might guess that such wonderful places can be found in the Bük Mountains.

At dawn on Tuesday, the fourth cold summer day of the year was recorded in Mohos Tobor in Buke. Miskolc University – Institute of Geography – Geoinformatics At the measuring station she runs, the daily minimum temperature was -0.15°C at 4:30 AM. Despite the start of the warmer period, the morning was hot in the rest of the plateau as well, with a temperature of at least 0.4°C close to freezing in the Vorumeteur area.

It sounds really nice in this summer heat, but what causes such a big temperature difference? Detailed explanation here You can read, but in short it can be said that this is not unusual at all. What is certain is that the cold microclimate of the mountains is not caused by air seeping through the cracks of the underground cave network connected to the surface.

In order for there to be summer frosts on the Buk Plateau in warm periods, the most important climatic factor is clear, windless weather.

Without it, the microclimate system for closed non-flowing pools (such as Toprock) is not applicable, or only at a negligible level.

Heat radiated by the surface means energy is lost (surface radiation), the surface begins to cool, and colder, denser air masses near the surface are moved by gravity toward deeper regions, like hurricanes, where they are trapped and collected.

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Although hearing that, many people might wear hiking boots to go into one of these caves to cool off, but it is good to know that it is forbidden to go down into the caves in Bük, except where it is crossed by a tourist trail. during. The reason for the ban is that many valuable and cold-loving species live in forests with a special microclimate, so they must be taken care of.


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